Sunday, 24 February 2008

Photography exhibition

This is a photography exhibition that I 've organised last summer. Most of the photos are taken from my uncle who was the photographer in the village. But not only from him.
The subject is about the life of the first Greek immigrants in Greece. They came in 1922 from a place in Asia called Selefkia. The "funny" thing is they send them away because they were Greeks and in Greece they treated them like they were Turks!!

Moshi Moshi wallpaper

This illustration was created for a coffee shop, to be used as a wallpaper. The purpose was to cover a very big and ugly column that was situated in the middle of the place.

The final result as a wallpaper

Later, when we removed the wallpaper, I used the figures to create plexi glass pieces that I placed on the column.


That piece was created for a coffee shop.
The idea was to give extra attention to the music style of the place.

That's the actual piece. It is printed on canvas (well the material is vinyl actually) and it has light from the back.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

What would happen if two heroes from different stories met on a shop sign?

Anyone looking at this project has to begin by clearing his mind of the thing called “common knowledge”. This is a project about children stories and fairy tales in combination with shop signs design. In all cases “nothing is a fact” and, coming in perfect harmony with a child’s eye, “everything is possible”.

Field of wonders

Bad Form

Made of wood

Captain Hook and Rabbit

Tin Soldier and Mermaid

Pinocchio and Which II

Mermaid and Peter

Mermaid and Peter II

Pinocchio and Wendy

Pinocchio and the 7 Dwarfs 

Pinocchio and the 7 Dwarfs II

Peter Pan & Pinocchio